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Through Public Relations, Branding, Marketing and Event Planning, we supported T-Squared Professional Engineers host their 3rd Annual & 4th Annual AEC Food Drive. Together, we were able to double our goal of donating 5,000 meals to the San Diego Food Bank to collect a total of 2,721 lbs of food and donate $2,071 online totaling 12,622 meals to San Diego families in 2015, and in 2016 we garnered 30,000 meals! We are excited to help T-Squared grow their annual event every year and look forward to planning 2017’s 5th Annual AEC Food Drive Event!

You may read more and view our press segments on www.axiomcx.com



You may read more about the 2015 kickoff event here and watch us on Fox 5 San Diego.

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• December 18, 2015

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