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Get Loud! Marketing Happy Hour @ ROC with Loudmouth Strategies

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Loudmouth Strategies is a creative marketing firm based in San Diego. Their ground-up services include design, marketing and ads, strategy and management, website creation, SEO analytics, social media, copywriting, and event marketing. The firm has over 15 years of experience behind their collective belts, creating modern, relevant marketing strategies that account for our overloaded and distracted brains.

The primary strategy behind Loudmouth is standing out. Through their various services, Loudmouth can create cohesive, multilayered marketing approaches that engage audiences and promote brand awareness.

On April 12th, Loudmouth Strategies will be holding a legal speed marketing happy hour in San Diego. The intention of the event is to focus on legal firms, but general marketing advice will be available as well. The Loudmouth experts will deliver speedy sermons on best marketing practices, and then guests will have some time to pick their brains in a Q&A session.

The topics: brand strategy, SEO strategies, social media/advertising strategies, HubSpot marketing techniques, UX and web design, and general questions. The free event will also include drinks and appetizers, making it a practically risk-free investment for your early Wednesday evening.

To further promote the event, ROC member and co-founder of Loudmouth Strategies, Georgette Kakridas talked to us about marketing, speed marketing, and working with ROC.

What’s the importance of being loud when marketing? What should brands do to stand out? 

Anyone can digitally and traditionally market, but not everyone can steer your brand and its strategy. Living in a digital age, individuals are consuming mass information everywhere, anytime and on any device. Positioning your brand is now more than ever critical in influencing and engaging your target audience, or ‘tribe.’
Being loud and setting your company apart from the competition requires careful planning and creativity that demonstrates your business’ competitive advantage.

The upcoming legal speed marketing happy hour is all about fast, efficient marketing. Do you have any quick, one-line marketing tips to share before the event?

 Strategy – Strategy is so important. Always start with an Objective and Metric on any marketing campaign or initiative you do. If you don’t have those things in place, then execution doesn’t matter. The execution of a marketing tactic should be part of a larger, holistic Brand Strategy.

How has your experience working with ROC been? 

We love working out of the ROC @ the Vine! The space is fun, open and creative, plus the community events that the ROC hosts allows us to meet our neighbors and form close friendships and even partnerships.

If you’re interested in attending the event in San Diego, check out the event page for full details.

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April 10, 2017

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