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Axiom Commissioning Group is a Commissioning Authority (CxA) that provides commissioning services (Cx) for for new construction and existing buildings in the public and private sectors. As a pioneer in commissioning consultancy, the leaders of Axiom came to LMS Branding with a clear defined business goal – to construct a brand that is defined by efficiency and knowledge that is representative to the engineering and construction industries.

As their brand ambassadors, LoudMouth Strategies created a digital platform that established the company in this cornerstone role. Axiom’s new website served as an effective sales tool to garner new business. Amalgamated with the logo redesign and brand theme, the new digital platform paved the way for Axiom to become the leading, contemporary, authentic, intelligible, and transparent consultancy firm that it is today.

Project Scope:

• December 18, 2015

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